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Bituminous Surfacing, Slurry Overlays & Asphalting Services | Cape Courts & Civils Cape Courts & Civils

Bituminous Surfacing, Slurry Overlays and Asphalting

Cape Courts and Civils offer professional engineering services in carrying out both slurry surfacing overlays and asphalting. A bituminous surface treatment is a thin, protective wearing surface applied to a pavement or base course.

Bituminous surfacing provides the following benefits:

  • Waterproof layer to protect the underlying pavement
  • Antiglare surface during wet weather
  • Increased reflection for night driving
  • Increased skid resistance
  • Filler for existing cracks on surfaces

View a few of the bituminous surfacing, slurry overlays and asphalting projects we have been involved in including a car park in Colchester and the VW car park among others.