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Commercial and Industrial Paving | Cape Courts and Civils Cape Courts & Civils

Commercial and Industrial Paving

Cape Courts and Civils are professionals in all aspects of commercial, industrial and domestic paving and have been providing our expert services to the Eastern Cape since 1987.

Professionally designed and installed commercial and industrial paving can drastically enhance the appearance of your property as well as increase the property value as a whole.

Our surface construction services extend over both small and large projects ranging from minor repairs to new constructions including parking lots, schools, office parks, residential flats, walkways and municipal facilities.

Our industrial paving division also specialises in heavy duty paving for factory parking areas and petrol stations among other projects.

For professional, durable and efficient paving solutions which compliment your budgetary requirements, you can count on Cape Courts and Civils.

The projects below illustrate our successful involvement in numerous commercial and industrial paving projects.