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Sports Surface Construction | Cape Courts and Civils Cape Courts & Civils

Sports Surface Construction, Resurfacing and Maintenance

Cape Courts and Civils assists customers with a variety of sports surface construction services, including professional tennis, netball and basketball courts as well as artificial and non-turf cricket pitches. Our services extend from the initial design and consultation phase to resurfacing, repairs and maintenance.

We construct tennis courts, netball courts and basketball for schools, community clubs and private backyards. We have the capability to do all phases of the work from grading, excavation, retaining walls and drainage to courts which include asphalt, concrete, clay, fencing, and surfacing.

Cape Courts and Civils also offers professional artificial and non-turf cricket pitches for schools and cricket clubs. Due to our experience in the construction and maintenance of cricket pitches, we ensure that expert planning is always implemented to give you a cost-effective solution to meet your needs, budget and any other restrictions. 

Have a look at the sports construction projects we have done for schools, residents and universities.